Arab Historians of the Crusades

Francesco Gabrieli (editor)

translated from the Arabic
Dorset Press 1989 [1957]
A book review by Danny Yee © 1995
Arab Historians of the Crusades presents an Islamic view of the medieval European invasion of Palestine, from the First Crusade through to the liquidation of the last Christian strongholds by the Mamluks. Short excerpts from nineteen historians are pieced together to produce a connected narrative for the major military and diplomatic events, as well as portraits of the major leaders. There are brief biographies of the historians at the beginning of the volume, short introductory paragraphs head each major section, and there is the occasional explanatory footnote; otherwise the passages are allowed to speak for themselves. They have been chosen for accessibility and interest, and the result is surprisingly readable (with the possible exception of the passages from `Imad ad-Din, who, even allowing for the double translation, must be the most prolix writer I have ever encountered). Arab Historians of the Crusades is recommended reading for anyone interested in a different perspective on the Crusades.

August 1995

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%T Arab Historians of the Crusades
%E Gabrieli, Francesco
%M Arabic
%I Dorset Press
%D 1989 [1957]
%O hardcover, index
%G ISBN 0880294523
%P xxxvi,362pp