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A book review by Danny Yee © 1993
Arena Magazine is a large format, bimonthly journal of Australian politics and current affairs. Its politics are left-leaning but not tendentious. The focus is on Australia but extends to cover worldwide and regional issues of general interest. The following list summarises the contents of issue number 7 (October/November 1993), which ran to 56 pages not including the cover. And as major articles (2-3 pages long): There are some "advertisements" in the issue, but in the form of discreet quarter page ads for publications such as the Berkeley Journal of Sociology and Eureka Street and details of conferences and courses. These totalled about a page and a half over the whole issue.

Overall Arena Magazine gives a very good impression — clean and professional visually and full of high quality writing. I found enough of the articles worth reading that I have just resubscribed for three years (my initial subscription was a gift).

November 1993

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