Bolivar: A Continent and its Destiny

J.L. Salcedo-Bastardo

translated from the Spanish by Annella McDermott
Humanities Press 1986
A book review by Danny Yee © 1993
Bolivar is a political biography of the Latin American leader Simon Bolivar. It is a broad overview of his life, ideas and importance to the history of Latin America, rather than a chronological narrative of his life or a systematic history. As a result the reader unfamiliar with Latin American history and geography may, like me, find it hard to follow at times. (Some clearer maps and a chronology would have made a great difference here.) Salcedo-Bastardo's feelings about Bolivar seem to verge on the hagiographic at times, but I don't really know enough to be able to judge his objectivity.

If nothing else, Bolivar: A Continent and its Destiny left me aware how little I knew about Latin American history. There are probably better books on the subject around, but this one's not bad.

April 1993

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%S A Continent and its Destiny
%A Salcedo-Bastardo, J.L.
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%F McDermott, Annella
%I Humanities Press
%D 1986 [1977]
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