Paul Albitz + Cricket Liu

O'Reilly & Associates 1997
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DNS and BIND is a comprehensive guide to providing name service using a BIND nameserver (this edition covers version 4.9.4 and commercial implementations based on 4.8.3). It begins with an introduction which assumes no previous acquaintance with the DNS, but progresses as far as analysis of named debugging output, C and shell programming using the resolver stubs, and interaction between the domain name service and firewalls. In between it covers everything you need to know to set up and run a nameserver and to provide name service for a domain, however complex.

I picked up my knowledge of DNS piecemeal, first as a user and then as a sysadmin running an inherited nameserver. And I learned most of what I know about nameserver maintenance the hard way — a process which would have been much less painful if I had had a copy of DNS and BIND to guide me. If you are running a nameserver then I would definitely recommend obtaining a copy. You may well be familiar with the basics already and you may not need the more esoteric information, but name service is sufficiently critical that getting the ordinary complexities right is essential. Albitz and Liu are excellent guides to both the main boulevards and the crooked side-alleys of the DNS.

Note: a 5th (2006) edition of DNS and BIND is available.

August 1997

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