Electromagnetic Processes in Dispersive Media:
A Treatment Based on the Dielectric Tensor

D.B. Melrose + R.C. McPhedran

Cambridge University Press 1991
A book review by Danny Yee © 1992 https://dannyreviews.com/
Electromagnetic Processes in Dispersive Media is an advanced electromagnetism textbook which works its way from statics through to extensive coverage of different kinds of emission processes. The nicest thing about the book is that it employs a uniform and consistent mathematical approach, using tensors and working in the Fourier domain wherever the equations and calculations can be simplified that way. Also, the authors are always careful to make the assumptions being used explicit, something many electromagnetism textbooks fail to do. The text is well organised and clearly presented; there are plentiful line drawings and each chapter has a set of exercises to entertain the reader — all round a very nice textbook.

Prerequisites: the electromagnetism component of a physics degree and basic mathematical competence.

August 1992

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%T Electromagnetic Processes in Dispersive Media
%S A Treatment Based on the Dielectric Tensor
%A Melrose, D.B.
%A McPhedran, R.C.
%I Cambridge University Press
%D 1991
%O hardcover, bibliography, index
%G ISBN 0521410258
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