Fifty Sounds

Polly Barton

Fitzcarraldo Editions 2021
A book review by Danny Yee © 2021
an account of Barton's ??? with Japan, starting as a fresh graduate ??? to teach English in a remote ???. tied up with a frank account of her personal ??? — an affair with an older Japanese teacher, ??? — but focused on her linguistic ???, the ways learning Japanese ??? ways of thinking, the way the language ???. (The "fifty sounds" of the title are the mimetic / onomatopoeic Japanese words, used as the titles of the fifty chapters ???.)

December 2021

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%T Fifty Sounds
%A Barton, Polly
%I Fitzcarraldo Editions
%D 2021
%O paperback
%G ISBN-13 9781913097509
%P 345pp