Great German Short Stories of the Twentieth Century

M. Charlotte Wolf (editor)

translated from the German by M. Charlotte Wolf
Dover 2012
A book review by Danny Yee © 2012
This is an unusually varied collection, spanning the (extended) century and offering works that have not previously been translated. Presented in chronological order, the thirteen stories included are: Wolf provides brief biographies of the authors, along with some commentary on the stories. So the collection as a whole gives a good feel for some of the strands of German literature, especially for anyone interested in science fiction.

This is a dual language presentation, with the original German on the left facing an English translation on the right. The translations are idiomatic and fluent and, though they occasionally omit entire sentences, work well either for learners of German or by themselves.

Note: the original printing had a disturbing number of typos in the German texts, but these have been corrected in a subsequent reprinting.

September 2012

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%T Great German Short Stories of the Twentieth Century
%E Wolf, M. Charlotte
%M German
%F Wolf, M. Charlotte
%I Dover
%D 2012
%O paperback, dual language
%G ISBN-13 9780486476322
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