Tuttle's Concise Indonesian Dictionary

A.L.N. Kramer + Willie Koen

Charles E. Tuttle 1993

The M.I.P. Concise Indonesian Dictionary:
For Students and Travellers

J.D. McGarry

Modern Indonesian Publications 1979
A book review by Danny Yee © 1995 https://dannyreviews.com/
Unfortunately Echols and Shadily's two volume Indonesian dictionary is a little too bulky to carry when back-packing in Indonesia. On my first two visits to Indonesia I took the MIP Concise Indonesian Dictionary, which fits comfortably into a pocket, and it never really left my person. While I really like this dictionary (and will probably buy a copy of the new edition), with about 4000 entries in each section its limitations were always fairly obvious.

For my most recent trip I bought a copy of Tuttle's Concise Indonesian Dictionary. With more than twice as many entries as the smaller dictionary, I expected this to be pretty solid. Most of the time it was, but there were a few problems: some words I expected to find — "swap" is one, "retribusi" is another — weren't included (though there is a somewhat obscure entry for "tank steamer"); there is an entry for "polemics" rather than for "polemic"; and explanation of meanings is limited, creating problems with polysemic words which even reverse lookup often fails to resolve. On the plus side, Tuttle's Dictionary just fitted into my trouser pocket, and its sturdy plastic cover is a godsend given the wear and tear of travel.

November 1995

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%T Tuttle's Concise Indonesian Dictionary
%A Kramer, A.L.N.
%A Koen, Willie
%I Charles E. Tuttle
%D 1993
%O plastic cover
%G ISBN 0804818649
%P 519pp