Inside Indonesia

Gerry van Klinken (editor)

Indonesia Resources and Information Programme
A book review by Danny Yee © 2000
I first reviewed Inside Indonesia seven years ago and it is the only periodical to which I have subscribed throughout that time. It is an attractive and informative quarterly magazine which will be appreciated by anyone who wants to stay in touch with what is happening in Indonesia, especially those who don't want to be swamped by more regular or voluminous news sources.

The articles in Inside Indonesia are in a style similar to extended stories in a quality newspaper. A majority fall in the broad area of politics and human rights, but they also cover economic and environmental issues and culture. And while the "issues of the day" naturally get attention, the stories are general and substantial enough not to be ephemeral.

In addition to thirty two pages of articles, Inside Indonesia sports an attractive colour cover, to which all the advertising is relegated, and a four page central insert in Indonesian, with vocabulary tips and aimed at students of the language. I just wish I had the time to read this latter; unfortunately my Indonesian is steadily vanishing.

The April-June 2000 issue included:

July 2000

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