Language Myths

Laurie Bauer + Peter Trudgill (editors)

Penguin 1998
A book review by Danny Yee © 2000
In Language Myths twenty one linguists take on common misconceptions and misunderstandings about language. They offer entertaining and accessible explanations of poorly understood aspects of language, especially competency and change. The format doesn't allow for much depth, however: essays only hint at an explanation of phonemics and deep structure, for example. (Some but not all of the essays offer suggestions for further reading.) And there is also some repetition between the essays. So, while the format of Language Myths is great for attracting attention, a newcomer to linguistics might find a more systematic presentation more effective (Pinker's The Language Instinct, perhaps, or Crystal's Encyclopedia of Language).

The twenty one essays are:

February 2000

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%T Language Myths
%E Bauer, Laurie
%E Trudgill, Peter
%I Penguin
%D 1998
%O paperback, index
%G ISBN 0140260234
%P xviii,189pp