Molecular Biology of the Gene

James D. Watson, Nancy H. Hopkins, Jeffrey W. Roberts, Joan Argetsinger Steitz + Alan M. Weiner

Benjamin/Cummings 1987
A book review by Danny Yee © 1992
Molecular Biology of the Gene is nothing less than a comprehensive overview of the entire field of molecular genetics. The first part consists of an introduction to molecular genetics and a detailed coverage of procaryotic and eucaryotic genetic systems, and the second part contains chapters on specialised aspects such as eucaryotic viruses, development, cancer and the evolution of the gene. Some quite narrow areas are dealt with in detail, but always in order to illustrate fundamental ideas or methods. The writing is clear and lucid and well supported by diagrams. Molecular Biology of the Gene is one of the best textbooks I have ever read (it is certainly the longest textbook I have ever read cover to cover), and the detailed bibliography at the end of each chapter makes it a great reference work.

Note: there is a fifth (2003) edition of Molecular Biology of the Gene.

June 1992

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%A Watson, James D.
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%A Roberts, Jeffrey W.
%A Steitz, Joan Argetsinger
%A Weiner, Alan M.
%I Benjamin/Cummings
%D 1987
%O hardcover, 4th edition, quarto, references, index
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