One Minute Stories

István Örkeny

translated from the Hungarian by Judith Sollosy
Brandl and Schlesinger 1994
A book review by Danny Yee © 1994
Most of the sixty odd stories in One Minute Stories really are that brief: the longest are as much as six pages (of largish print) in length, but most are just one or two pages long. Weirdly surrealist, some of them only make sense when placed in the context of communist Hungary, and their humour is rather wry, sometimes with a real edge to it. They are fascinating largely because they are so different, however, and are far too enjoyable to be rationed out as reading material for "while the soft-boiled egg is boiling", as István Örkeny suggests.

November 1994

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%T One Minute Stories
%A Örkeny, István
%M Hungarian
%F Sollosy, Judith
%I Brandl and Schlesinger
%D 1994
%O paperback, illustrated
%G ISBN 0646155202
%P 141pp