Perspectives in Ecological Theory

Jonathan Roughgarden, Robert M. May + Simon A. Levin (editors)

Princeton University Press 1989
A book review by Danny Yee © 1992
Perspectives in Ecological Theory is a collection of survey essays on different areas of theoretical ecology. The topics covered include individual-population interactions, population-community interactions, detailed system models, problems of hierarchy and scale, food webs, host-predator systems, ecological coevolution, resource management, and conservation of endangered species.

The contributors are writing for their fellow ecologists, and go into the details of specific theories. But ecology is a broad discipline without that much common theory, so the resulting essays are also accessible to the lay reader with a general interest in the biological sciences.

June 1992

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%E Roughgarden, Jonathan
%E May, Robert M.
%E Levin, Simon A.
%I Princeton University Press
%D 1989
%O paperback, bibliographies, index
%G ISBN 0691085080
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