Pigeon House and Beyond:
A Guide to the Budawang Range and Environs

The Budawang Committee

The Budawang Committee 1987
A book review by Danny Yee © 1993 https://dannyreviews.com/
Pigeon House and Beyond is a study of the Budawang range area (a region of south-eastern New South Wales, Australia). The first section covers the history of the area, from Aboriginal habitation and early white exploration through to bushwalking discoveries and the formation of the Budawang National Park. It also includes a lengthy chapter describing some of the bushwalks within the area, along with sketch maps, and a discussion of fire management within the area. The second section covers the natural history of the area — with chapters on the geology, the botany, the birds and the wildlife. (There is, rather surprisingly, nothing on the insect life.)

Beautifully illustrated with many colour photographs, Pigeon House and Beyond will be an inspiration to bushwalkers or naturalists living within New South Wales, and may perhaps be of interest to some interstate and overseas visitors.

May 1993

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%T Pigeon House and Beyond
%S A Guide to the Budawang Range and Environs
%A Budawang Committee, The
%I The Budawang Committee
%D 1987 [1982]
%O paperback, 2nd edition, colour photos
%G ISBN 0959338101
%P 306pp