Developing SGML DTDs:
From Text to Model to Markup

Eve Maler + Jeanne El Andaloussi

Prentice Hall 1996
A book review by Danny Yee © 1996
Developing SGML DTDs is a complete guide to DTD development. It covers analysis and modeling, design and implementation, maintenance, customization and reuse, validation and testing, documentation, and training. A simple example DTD is used throughout to illustrate the development process. Developing SGML DTDs does provide a quick introduction to SGML (and one of the appendices is a well laid out reference guide to SGML syntax), but it is not suitable as a first book on the subject. It is aimed at coordinators of, or participants in, large SGML projects: among other things, it contains forms to fill out, checklists to work through, suggestions for delegations of responsibility, and advice on handling project politics. While some of this obviously isn't relevant to individuals, most of the problems involved in building DTDs are the same for anyone, if on a different scale. My project to use SGML in the production of these reviews is on hold at the moment, but if I take it up again then this is a volume I will come back to.

September 1996

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%T Developing SGML DTDs
%S From Text to Model to Markup
%A Maler, Eve
%A Andaloussi, Jeanne El
%I Prentice Hall
%D 1996
%O hardcover, index
%G ISBN 0133098818
%P xxiv,532pp