The First Salute:
A View of the American Revolution

Barbara W. Tuchman

Sphere Books 1989
A book review by Danny Yee © 1992
Unlike most histories of the American Revolution, The First Salute concentrates on the war at sea and events in Europe rather than on the land battles. In her usual clear language, Tuchman presents a description of the methods of naval warfare and diplomacy in the 18th century and of the ascent of Holland as a major naval power, and paints vivid portraits of the major characters — figures such as Washington, Rodney, Rochambeau, de Grasse and Cornwallis. Fans of Barbara Tuchman's will not be disappointed; those who haven't read any of her works are in for a treat!

May 1992

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%T The First Salute
%S A View of the American Revolution
%A Tuchman, Barbara W.
%I Sphere Books
%D 1989
%O paperback, bibliography, index
%G ISBN 0747406286
%P 458pp