The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change

Richard Lewontin

Columbia University Press 1974
A book review by Danny Yee © 1992
The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change is about the core of population genetics — the nature of genetic variation and changes in genetic variation. Topics covered include the nature of variation, the measurement of variation, multilocus dynamics and speciation. Particular attention is paid to methodological questions and to making clear the limitations of the models used. Although many of the details have been outdated by the advances of the last twenty years, particularly in molecular genetics, this is a classic of the field, and probably still required reading for population geneticists.

Prerequisites: basic biology and genetics, a course in population genetics.

May 1992

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%T The Genetic Basis of Evolutionary Change
%A Lewontin, Richard
%I Columbia University Press
%D 1974
%O hardcover, index
%G ISBN 0231083181
%P 346pp