The Tao is Silent

Raymond M. Smullyan

HarperCollins 1992 [1977]
A book review by Danny Yee © 1993
The Tao is Silent is an introduction to Taoism by a logician famed for his books of logical puzzles (of which What is the Name of this Book? is probably the best known). The result is at the same time amusing, vague, enlightening, and confusing. It is also likely to make the reader think about the way she lives her life, and should go some way to broadening her world-view. A highlight is the brilliantly funny and provocative dialogue "Is God a Taoist?"

February 1993

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%T The Tao is Silent
%A Smullyan, Raymond M.
%I HarperCollins
%D 1992 [1977]
%O paperback
%G ISBN 0060674695
%P xii,225pp