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Other Book Reviewers and Book Review Sites & Links

Here are some sites similar to this one in being the work of a single reviewer, substantial in size, eclectic in range, of high quality, and accessibly presented.

Anthony Campbell
alternative medicine, psychology, sociobiology, ...
Bob Corbett
Haiti, literature, ...
Tom Cunliffe (A Common Reader)
world literature
Alex Good
biography, politics, literature, Canada, ...
Thomas Lepeltier (my brother-in-law)
philosophy, history, and more (mostly in French)
Scott London
politics, economics, current affairs, ...
M.A. Orthofer (the Complete Review)
literature, especially literature in translation
John Regehr
science fiction, literature, computing, ...
Christina Schulman
science fiction and fantasy
Cosma Shalizi (the Bactra Review)
physics, economics, science fiction, history, ...
Eric Walker
science fiction and fantasy
(And don't forget to check out this site itself.)

General Sites

For directories of review sites try the Complete Review's list.