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24 May 2016 (782 words)
Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy (Mark P. Witton)
- a gloriously illustrated survey of pterosaur science
12 May 2016 (1090)
*On the Wing (David E. Alexander)
Insects, Pterosaurs, Birds, Bats and the Evolution of Animal Flight
10 May 2016 (413)
The First Crusade (Peter Frankopan)
The Call From the East
3 May 2016 (316)
Pavane for a Dead Princess (Park Min-Gyu)
- blunt and subtle, love story and social critique
26 April 2016 (791)
The Invention of Nature (Andrea Wulf)
The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science
20 April 2016 (375)
Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture (David R. McCann)
Volume 1: 2008; Volume 8: 2015
14 April 2016 (681)
*Euler's Gem (David S. Richeson)
The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology
29 March 2016 (656)
Urban Transport Without the Hot Air (Steve Melia)
Sustainable Solutions for UK Cities
29 March 2016 (756)
*Moscow Stations (Venedikt Yerofeev)
- a tragi-comic existentialist masterpiece
17 March 2016 (313)
*The Fortress (Mesa Selimovic)
- surviving the politics of Ottoman Bosnia
15 March 2016 (436)
Symmetry (Hermann Weyl)
- group theory, art, architecture, biology
9 March 2016 (346)
Pushkin's Second Wife (Yuri Druzhnikov)
And Other Micronovels
3 March 2016 (458)
Thing Explainer (Randall Munroe)
Complicated Stuff in Simple Words
23 February 2016 (589)
Confucianism as a World Religion (Anna Sun)
Contested Histories and Contemporary Realities
22 February 2016 (1950)
Chaos and Fractals (David P. Feldman)
An Elementary Introduction
*Fractals and Chaos (Paul S. Addison)
An Illustrated Course
*Chaos and Fractals (Heinz-Otto Peitgen, Hartmut J├╝rgens, Dietmar Saupe)
New Frontiers of Science
28 January 2016 (876)
*A Writer at War (Antony Beevor, Luba Vinogradova)
Vasily Grossman with the Red Army 1941-1945
27 January 2016 (444)
K2 and Patricia (Hans Olav Lahlum)
The Human Flies; Satellite People
26 January 2016 (678)
*The Fractal Geometry of Nature (Benoit B. Mandelbrot)
- a casebook and a manifesto
25 January 2016 (1016)
The Gluten Lie (Alan Levinovitz)
And Other Myths about What you Eat
11 January 2016 (506)
Measuring the World (Daniel Kehlmann)
- a comic historical novel about Gauss and von Humboldt
22 December 2015 (547)
Korea: The Impossible Country (Daniel Tudor)
- aspects of South Korean culture and society
17 December 2015 (946)
*The Box (Marc Levinson)
How the Shipping Container Made the World Smaller and the World Economy Bigger
14 December 2015 (2037)
The Cambridge Companion to Children's Literature (Grenby, Immel)
The Oxford Companion to Children's Literature (Daniel Hahn)
The Routledge Companion to Children's Literature (David Rudd)
1 December 2015 (1127)
Trusting What You're Told (Paul L. Harris)
How Children Learn from Others
12 November 2015 (1139)
Poor Numbers (Morten Jerven)
How We are Misled by African Development Statistics and What to do About It
5 November 2015 (481)
**The Illicit Happiness of Other People (Manu Joseph)
- meaning and madness in a middle class Madras family
4 November 2015 (1969)
*On Stalin's Team (Sheila Fitzpatrick)
The Years of Living Dangerously in Soviet Politics
29 October 2015 (412)
Winter Journeys (Georges Perec)
- an inventive Oulipian medley
12 October 2015 (1550)
Inequality: What Can Be Done? (Anthony B. Atkinson)
- a pragmatic analysis with practical suggestions
28 September 2015 (1325)
**The Case of Comrade Tulayev (Victor Serge)
- the outstanding novel of Stalin's purges
17 September 2015 (436)
Intuition Pumps and Other Tools for Thinking (Daniel C. Dennett)
- meaning, evolution, consciousness, and free will
17 September 2015 (1210)
A History of German (Joseph Salmons)
What the Past Reveals About Today's Language
7 September 2015 (907)
*An Unnatural History of Emerging Infections (Barrett, Armelagos)
- subsistence, settlement, and social organisation
14 August 2015 (665)
City Cycling (John Pucher, Ralph Buehler)
- cycling as everyday urban transport, worldwide
13 August 2015 (701)
Writing and Literacy in Chinese, Korean and Japanese (Taylor, Taylor)
- their scripts and how they are learned and used
30 July 2015 (279)
No One Writes Back (Jang Eun-Jin)
- around Korea with a blind guide-dog
13 July 2015 (1141)
**Geometry Revealed (Marcel Berger)
A Jacob's Ladder to Modern Higher Geometry
30 June 2015 (747)
Tundra-Taiga Biology (R.M.M. Crawford)
Human, Plant, and Animal Survival in the Arctic
29 June 2015 (644)
GDP: A Brief But Affectionate History (Diane Coyle)
- changing definitions and applications
22 June 2015 (368)
Descent (Dovid Bergelson)
- a modernist shtetl novel
4 June 2015 (400)
Gamma (Julian Havil)
Exploring Euler's Constant
1 June 2015 (698)
Trans-Saharan Africa in World History (Ralph A. Austen)
- Maghreb, Sudan and Sahara; Islam, empires and trade

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