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26 April 2017 (1035 words)
*Projective Geometry (H.S.M. Coxeter)
- an elementary approach emphasizing geometric intuition
Projective Geometry: An Introduction (Rey Casse)
- a formal, coordinate-based approach
4 April 2017 (475)
Jenny Linsky and the Cat Club (Esther Averill)
- stories about a little black cat who lives in New York
30 March 2017 (799)
*The Vital Question (Nick Lane)
Why is life the way it is?
9 March 2017 (537)
The Structure of Soviet History (Ronald Grigor Suny)
Essays and Documents
9 March 2017 (287)
The Human Jungle (Cho Chongnae)
- Koreans expats doing business in China
20 February 2017 (566)
Elliptic Tales (Avner Ash, Robert Gross)
Curves, Counting, and Number Theory
31 January 2017 (862)
*Music, Language, and the Brain (Aniruddh D. Patel)
- links in rhythm, melody, syntax, meaning, evolution
31 January 2017 (450)
*The Empress of Weehawken (Irene Dische)
- an acerbically funny German-American life
6 December 2016 (413)
Approaches to Teaching The Story of the Stone (Dream of the Red Chamber) (Schonebaum, Lu)
- historical + cultural contexts, intertextuality, afterlives, pedagogy
5 December 2016 (641)
Travel Fast or Smart? (David Metz)
A Manifesto for an Intelligent Transport Policy
29 November 2016 (608)
Fractals: A Very Short Introduction (Kenneth Falconer)
- the obvious starting point for lay readers
Fractals (Hans Lauwerier)
Endlessly Repeated Geometrical Figures
21 November 2016 (393)
*Another Man's City (Ch'oe In-ho)
- is K stuck inside a virtual reality?
14 November 2016 (849)
Finnish Lessons 2.0 (Pasi Sahlberg)
What can the world learn from educational change in Finland?
7 November 2016 (1237)
Fractal Geometry (Kenneth Falconer)
Mathematical Foundations and Applications
*Fractals Everywhere (Michael F. Barnsley)
- the power of iterated function systems
A Tale of Two Fractals (A.A. Kirillov)
- the Sierpinksi and Apollonian gaskets
7 November 2016 (276)
Chinese Rhyme-Prose (Burton Watson)
Poems in the Fu Form from the Han and Six Dynasties Periods
25 October 2016 (276)
The Mathematics of Various Entertaining Subjects (Beineke, Rosenhouse)
Research in Recreational Math
24 October 2016 (954)
Rereading the Stone (Anthony C. Yu)
Desire and the Making of Fiction in Dream of the Red Chamber
17 October 2016 (620)
Octopus: The Ocean's Intelligent Invertebrate (Mather, Anderson, Wood)
- natural history, behaviour, life-cycle
10 October 2016 (1331)
*The Lagoon (Armand Marie Leroi)
How Aristotle Invented Science
29 September 2016 (899)
The Importance of Being Little (Erika Christakis)
What Preschoolers Really Need From Grownups
27 September 2016 (758)
An Introduction to Children's Literature (Peter Hunt)
- a lively and opinionated history
30 August 2016 (756)
**The Symmetries of Things (Conway, Burgiel, Goodman-Strauss)
- repeating patterns, from the plane to higher dimensions
22 August 2016 (272)
Lonesome You (Park Wan-Suh)
- short stories about aging and being old
22 August 2016 (1273)
*End of Empire (David P. Chandler, Robert Cribb, Li Narangoa)
100 Days in 1945 that Changed Asia and the World
16 August 2016 (255)
Harlequin's Costume (Leonid Yuzefovich)
- a political murder mystery in 1871 St Petersburg
25 July 2016 (1020)
Buddhism and Islam on the Silk Road (Johan Elverskog)
- contact, understanding, idolatry, jihad, halal
14 July 2016 (418)
Are Trams Socialist? (Christian Wolmar)
Why Britain Has No Transport Policy
6 July 2016 (285)
My Kind of Girl (Buddhadeva Bose)
- "Is the memory of happiness that has passed, happy or sad?"
4 July 2016 (239)
The Book of Gaza (Atef Abu Saif)
- ten short stories by writers from Gaza
28 June 2016 (252)
On the Abolition of All Political Parties (Simone Weil)
- and Milosz on "The Importance of Simone Weil"
7 June 2016 (1161)
Mathematics and Art (Lynn Gamwell)
A Cultural History
31 May 2016 (448)
Fractals, Chaos, Power Laws (Manfred Schroeder)
Minutes from an Infinite Paradise
24 May 2016 (782)
Pterosaurs: Natural History, Evolution, Anatomy (Mark P. Witton)
- a gloriously illustrated survey of pterosaur science
12 May 2016 (1090)
*On the Wing (David E. Alexander)
Insects, Pterosaurs, Birds, Bats and the Evolution of Animal Flight
10 May 2016 (446)
The First Crusade (Peter Frankopan)
The Call From the East
3 May 2016 (316)
Pavane for a Dead Princess (Park Min-Gyu)
- blunt and subtle, love story and social critique
26 April 2016 (791)
The Invention of Nature (Andrea Wulf)
The Adventures of Alexander von Humboldt, the Lost Hero of Science
20 April 2016 (375)
Azalea: Journal of Korean Literature & Culture (David R. McCann)
Volume 1: 2008; Volume 8: 2015
14 April 2016 (681)
*Euler's Gem (David S. Richeson)
The Polyhedron Formula and the Birth of Topology
29 March 2016 (656)
Urban Transport Without the Hot Air (Steve Melia)
Sustainable Solutions for UK Cities
29 March 2016 (756)
*Moscow Stations (Venedikt Yerofeev)
- a tragi-comic existentialist masterpiece
17 March 2016 (313)
*The Fortress (Mesa Selimovic)
- surviving the politics of Ottoman Bosnia

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